quantum (n.)
1610s, “one’s share or portion,” from Latin quantum (plural quanta) “as much as, so much as; how much? how far? how great an extent?” neuter singular of correlative pronomial adjective quantus “as much” (see quantity). Introduced in physics directly from Latin by Max Planck, 1900; reinforced by Einstein, 1905. Quantum theory is from 1912; quantum mechanics, 1922; quantum jump is first recorded 1954; quantum leap, 1963, often figurative.

Quantum bursts of energy affect matter to behave against our expectations. Since this discovery, physics is closer to religion than religion itself. To support this premise, I have to remind you that science was invented by religious leaders in seventeen century. Since, scientific methods were applied as a “Truth”, verified and blessed by the church.

Word “quantum” comes from “quantity”, which indicated attachment of physics to matter. In other words, terminology describes territory and demarcates (in this case) scientific inferences. Limited scientific mind can only think of material particles, ex. “particle accelerator”, “sub atomic particle” and so on, to infinity ad beyond.

Unfortunately, if we believe in matter, we have to believe in our senses. This premise makes scientists look silly, as they categorically refuse to trust external stimuli. Help comes from prosthetics, a.k.a. technology. Techne, or knowledge related to crafts (via tools), eliminates unstable and primitive feelings and turns them into clear facts. This facts are called information, data, actuality, certainty, reality, verity, gospel. Well, if you trust language, evidence is right in front of your eyes. From gospel to data there is only one small step.

Make sure you digest the link between Revelation and Information. Afterwards, your stomach (and mind) will be able to handle this garbage, which is by the way, sold as a gold.

* This little essay is dedicated to those who never question scientific bullshit.

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