Doppler effect
A change in the observed frequency of a wave, as of sound or light, occurring when the source and observer are in motion relative to each other, with the frequency increasing when the source and observer approach each other and decreasing when they move apart. The motion of the source causes a real shift in frequency of the wave, while the motion of the observer produces only an apparent shift in frequency. Also called Doppler shift.

As mentioned above, Doppler means interference. If one lives in sensory deprived environment, there is no record of intersections. This primal effect is also called “engagement” and is reflected at many levels, from social to virtual. What happens during “meetings” is an exchange of energy, perceived and distributed by both (all) parties. Without meeting, energy remains unshared and therefore passive, asleep, etc.etc.-bringing negative connotations. Isolation is therefore a “dangerous” state and has to be understood as a source of desperation, anxiety and other contemporary diseases.

Everything has a price tag

Our lives are in desperate need for company, as capitalist’s & liberal reality turned us into users, waiting to be fed by consuming everything, from food to entertainment. Doppler effect is now experienced via “like” buttons, making us hungry and thirsty for sharing anything, including links. Our pathetic & isolated lives get excited by FB, Instagram and Tweeter notifications…which behave like Doppler bliss. This small doses of pleasure are becoming recognized as a common drug (or better to say addiction). Soon, there will be drugs that fight these drugs, like all other drugs.

Someone should start a small entrepreneurship, providing “likes” for a small fee.

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