Oct 16th

Testing ArtosophiA: self sufficient blogsturbration
it became totally obsolete to blog and/or post updates of our lucid moments on Facebook and Tweeter. What is anyway worth sharing with ideologically corrected vulgus populus.? The day my anti-techological friend Martin arrived on Facebook (last week), declared the (pathetic) end of social media. Now, it is a perfect moment to start blogging for yourself, without any desire or reason to be “liked” or “commented’.

Long live technology, or Orwell lives in your brain… technology allowed millions of unresponsives to express themselves. To believe in techne, you have to became a robot, or at least to accept socially corrected brainwashing.


Techne means “not experiencing anything” (at least not firsthand), but trusting your eyes and ears, two senses designed to trick you and make your life a schizophrenic’s dream. Technology also acts as prosthetics, by “improving eyes & ears” to perceive beyond the sensory perception. What was before considered illusory, sick or at least weird, today became a norm. Presence of technology speaks of us, not of technology. We became guinea pigs who voluntarily (and also with a visible pleasure) plug our senses with light and sound coming from devices. Mediated reality pours into our brains, like fast-brain food. Everyone knows that obesity is an outcome of poverty. Passivity and deprivation is equivalent to knowledge based on quantity of information, a.k.a. Internet. Internet continues to deliver deluge of fat data to your brain, equal to McDonalds’s clogs of cholesterol in our blood.

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