The visual language particularly reflects on contemporary phenomena of recontextualisation in Internet user culture. The lively and quick exchange of memes, the new creation of tiny entities of information and their constant change overs – all this comprises a certain complexity and simultaneous simplicity leading to a fascinating semantic variety.

CODE [or, history (again) cheats itself]
What language did to arts, code is now doing to design.
– Problem is not with language, but with interpretations.
– Problem is not with code, but with coders.

Coding was always hype and will always remain a hype.

Code is language, language is semiotics, semiotic is a tool.
Tools provide means for mediations and they are never directly “responsible”, neither are they the source of the content, as every tool may execute only certain (range of) operations. But, exchanging tool for a concept (which is the same thing as reversing the “map for a territory”), generates all misinterpretations, misunderstandings and misconceptions (in both theory & practice) and provokes infinite debates, leading to deconstruction of all systems of evaluations. The source of delusion lies in language itself, understood as signifier (term), not signified (manifestation).

Code is definitely an overestimated hype.

Thought cannot resolve its ethics without things.

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