Self Seduction
In every conversation the majority of things are lost. Forgotten words make a structure for new (remembered) ones. It looks like our mind is made out of these invisible constructions on which memory plays it’s games. Memory has an inexhaustible desire to reconstruct itself.

In learning, it is a priority to establish the system of information retrieval. The mind collects data… and places it accordingly to a content. Information could be stored anywhere in the brain, but it is the location that gives the value and connotation to each fact. Certain kind of “mental-chrono-topography” plays the role in information retrieval. Unexpectedly, memory gets stored in the most unusual places. For example, a visual memory may be embedded among smell “recordings” and image is triggered and associated with smell. Synaesthesia plays strange games with senses because pathways which retrieve memory are not highways, but labyrinth of synapses.

Attraction is followed by repulsion, and distraction requires attention. It is the matter of response which dictates what we make.

Nature & Art
The masculine approach to nature means to impose action over nature, in other words, to use nature as a medium. The feminine approach to nature may be defined as amalgamation or blending, a synthesis between the artwork and environment.

Nature & Fear
The most obvious aspect of our relationship towards nature is: fear. We do everything to be safe and away from danger and discomfort. Our paradoxical nature avoids confrontation with elements and therefore creates confrontation with fictional troubles.

Nature & Artificiality
Our synthetic environment is a surrogate of natural surroundings: we are active, engaged and constantly driven by the “need for action”, but in some weird artificial way. In other words, we are restlessly engaged in “passive activity”, or activity which doesn’t require real struggle and fight for survival. Force that drives our life is based on a fictional struggle with everyday “obstacles” (eating, working, exercising, maintaining, etc).

R U Giver or Taker
Divination is a state beyond the senses, a state of pure being. Purity is achieved by giving ourselves away, or living for the higher cause. Nature is divine as it gives itself away, and at the same time it consumes everything back. This is how permanent balance is achieved.

To maintain means to postpone death. True life is not about maintenance, but about change. In other words, to sustain means to extend the status quo.

The oldest cultures still use pictograms, because spoken language is to expressive to be captured by letters. Letters are practical but ambiguous, indifferent or confusing, same as numbers or musical notes. Ancient pictograms and symbols attain their ontological meaning and allow interpretation regardless the era.

EPISTEME means organized, public knowledge. PAIDEIA means curriculum for everyone.

In order to be rewarded with a learning experience, one has to listen. Pythagoras

What has happened to recent architectural practice? Architects unleashed the power of digital, the best tool since the invention of the ruler. But, digital is seductive and brings little in return. It corrupts architect’s minds to create sugar-coated, glossy and shiny surfaces, translucent and vibrant spaces, which are impossible to build. Most of virtual architecture will remain virtual. Architects must find a new ways to use materials in order to reinvent architecture, instead being mesmerized by the flickering mirage on the screen.

Good Morning!
Energy crisis, pollution, bad economy, insecurity, loss of faith, inflation, crime, war, terror, dysfunctional family… do we deserve a better reality? Every person is a universe on its own and every one should take care of its own world. It is said that one person can manage up to150 people in his/her entire life. More than that is called “networking”. Network means a “lethargic vulgar mass of anonymous people, who are passive participants in observing other’s people lives, because they don’t have life of their own.

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