Loss of horizon
Speed conquers territory, but also triumphs over time.
Space-time is one organism, with same parameters and attributes, so if one feature is altered, everything gets irreversibly changed. Speed of light has become a norm, or better to say, we adopted the speed of light as a standard. The famous collapse of space-time continuum, predicted by visionary thinkers, turns to be taken for granted. Nobody seems to be concerned of having instantaneous conversation with people around the globe, watching real-time web cameras or remotely control some equipment thousand miles away. Flattening of events means flattening of time and consequentially generates loos of distance and line of the horizon.
To live in no-space & no-time continuum, means to defy essential rules of existence, such as duration and growth. In consequence, we are left to live without experiencing and learning form experience.

Robbed of time
How it is possible to describe the concept of being “pay by hour” and at the same time live in no-time? There is only one explanation: time is currency. In other words, people sell their time for money. Well, we all knew this fact, but never questioned the reasons behind our hourly wages. First question to be answered is: how come we get paid the same amount of money for each hour of work, despite obvious fluctuations in efficiency, productivity, skills and capacity to work? If we were paid for work, our salary would reflect our work. As this is not the case, it indicates that we “sell” only our time and not our abilities. Power is categorized using the hierarchy of needs (or better to say advantages), which establish the system of values in society. If some sportsman makes more money that university professor, something must be wrong with the values. Ultimately, if we are paid by hour, this means we are robbed of time.

Paid by digit
Collapsed time is hard to calculate, if not impossible. Conspiracy to steal time has been carefully planned (and executed) during the industrial age, but it won’t serve the purpose in digitalized reality. If time is money and if time became an instant, money stops making any sense. How to calculate the value of an instant, if not by the digit? So, our money has been conveniently digitalized and turned into data. In fact, all money you ever earned is just a binary code.
The notion of “currency” makes code and instant asset, which has to be guarded, kept safe and protected. The analogy with hard currency is obvious in every sense: money is just a paper, yet is makes everyone occupied. Saving paper and protecting it with your own life, seems strange, but is a very common custom. Let’s see how far we will get in worshipping and safeguarding data.

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