Nominalism is root of the “tyranny of misunderstanding” in the modern world. Because of nominalism, science is incapable of dealing with the primary source of knowledge (a.k.a. logos) and it deals only with appearances. The idea of “detachment” is deeply embedded into materialistic ideology, generating rationalism wrongly interpreted as “logic”.

If nature acts as an organism, it cannot be an organization. Organism is connectivity and connectivity is the essence of nature. Rationalism is mechanical, reducing human being to a machine. Rationalism rejects true individualism and artistic relations between objects & subjects and unity becomes impossible. In some strange way, unity remains part of the “super-sensible” realm, associated with “holistic” and other new age terminology. But, without connectivity, values cannot be verified and therefore Truth cannot exist in nominalistic world.

Turning away form unity has caused a chain of “positivistic” reactions. Positivism, stating that knowledge is possible only because of the moral ground, produced a biased world view: only positive is good and beautiful. We know that aesthetics embraced this concept, turning beauty into a pleasure of the senses. And we know that senses are our only connections to the real and therefore sensitive to (all kinds of) stimuli. In fact, nothing is easier to deceive but a sensory response. In some weird sense, media and entertainment has been developed around the idea of tricking the senses.

In fact, science doesn’t care about truth of the matter. Confusing science with scientific establishment is a great mistake. In the past, real science was united with arts through technology (tools) and interested to attain memory. Memory acts as a binder of culture and community, generating connections and relationships. Modern science divided itself from arts, generating a void which was filled with cheap aesthetics, or entertainment. Since, we cannot talk about culture, but about civilization.

Civil values are developed around the idea of the common ground. Unfortunately, progress turns inner needs into outer pleasures, generating false stimuli. Nothing is more important to civilized society than technology. Technology provides a surrogate of reality, erasing the need for authenticity. Modern theory of individualism falls apart because it doesn’t understands forming of the individual. Technology is based on the principle of mimicry (i.e. “lie”) and therefore generates only imitations.

Only connections (with each other and nature) can produce our True selves. We cannot be fulfilled without poetics, philosophy, ontology & metaphysics, which generate universal human nature. Next stage in history should be an attempt to bring together individual and universal values in order to restore lost meanings. Only this way we will be able to reconcile and consolidate our future.

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