The difference between Transhumanism and Posthumanism

Altruism, mutualism, humanism are the soft and slimy virtues that underpin liberal capitalism. Humanism has always been integrated into discourses of exploitation: colonialism, imperialism, neoimperialism, democracy, and of course, American democratization. One of the serious flaws in Transhumanism is the importation of liberal-human values to the biotechno enhancement of the human. Posthumanism has a much stronger critical edge attempting to develop through enactment new understandings of the self and other, essence, consciousness, intelligence, reason, agency, intimacy, life, embodiment, identity and the body. – Adam Zaretsky

Cause of troubles

Posthumanity situates itself at a crossroads: at the intersection of “the humanities” in its current academic configuration and the challenges it faces from “posthumanism” to move beyond its standard parameters and practices. Rather than simply reproducing established forms and methods of disciplinary knowledge, posthumanists confront how changes in society and culture require that scholars rethink what they do—theoretically, methodologically, and ethically. The “human” is entangled in the larger problem of what Jacques Derrida called “the living,” and traditional humanism is no longer adequate to understand the human’s intertwined, complex relations with the environment.

Convenient lie

“Humanistic” theories were (conveniently) developed five centuries ago by western empires, as a protective shield during the world occupation (better known as “colonialism”). Labelling primordial cultures as “savages” approved conquering, looting and killing. Current politics still uses the same old strategy invented by Roman emperors by labelling “”terrorists” as savages, a.k.a. religious fanatics. In fact, spiritual extremism is an oxymoron. Contrary to religions (which are result of ideology), spirituality is deeply supported by belief and compassion towards humankind. Spiritual person is incapable of hating another human being. Hate is caused by ideology, not spirituality.

Post ideology

It is an imperative to think beyond ideology and acknowledge compassion, reconciliation and forgiveness.To defeat humanism, we have to reject corporate ideologies: education, economy, technology and politics. Posthumanism is a way to step back to honour and apply the ancestral practices of indigenous communities to develop community-centric, ecologically-balanced, and culturally-sensitive environments. Future needs free minded, creative & independent humans who have capacity to overcome humanism.

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