Memory exists in many forms: written, painted, carved, melodic, ornate, danced, spoken, sung, silent and so on. In some sense, everything is memory… and carries the evidence of infinite interactions through time. We live inside this vast & silent mnemonic time, we call “space”. Every current event started infinitely far in time / space and somehow managed to unfold itself in what we call “present”.

In order to meet someone, you have to be on the path since eternity, same as the other person. At one point, when two eternities intersect, we walk in the same direction…until next cross section part us apart. Some paths are short but intense, some are long and diluted, compressed, wide, erratic, rugged, narrow, polished or slippery. Lengths vary in space and time, but what really counts is, memory.

Once we walk away from each other, only memory remains, hanging over as a shadow of the event. Silence echoes with unspoken words, which resonate through the void, never to be heard. Memory is like a buzzing of bees, each thought fighting for our attention and none arriving at the destination.We often remain stunned and stoned, in the midst of the chaos, incapable to act.

To meditate means to silence those sounds and give ourselves few precious quiet moments. Meditation is also an attempt to travel back in time and relive memory. Deeper the meditation, deeper is the encounter. Inside our mind, everything is still, stored and ready, according to the archivist. Like electromagnetic code on a hard drive, or some ancient illegible scripture, memory is patiently waiting to be interpreted.

Every step & breath are bringing us closer and further from each other, and sometimes we encounter someone who will share our path for a long time. At the end of every path, there is a new one…but all paths lead into one, which is never visited by a (living) human being. This last path is the most important one, as it guides us towards or away from our destiny. Every ancient mystery starts at this point when there are no more questions that could be answered.

The only answer is the encounter itself.

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