We live in times without any restrictions, when apparently, “everything goes”. Yet, we encounter more obstacles, rules and regulations than ever before. In other words “absolute freedom” means “no freedom at all”. Living under these circumstances has generated an illusion of infinite possibilities, resulting in a cacophony of non-judgement, loss of criteria and value systems. Nevertheless, instead crying over these decadent times, it would be more valuable to think of a cure. Let’s start with defining a source of troubles.

Values depend on our strength to believe. Historically, every movement is generated by the power of convention. In our times, this power comes form ideology, which is disseminated with every bit and pixel. Persuasion is a mother of teaching and technology is based on this principle. It generates perpetual push, feeding our minds with strategically designed content. Our brain is a template filled with packets of data, turning our mind into virtual tower of Babel. Essentially, we are excited, nursed, informed and paradoxically, hungry for more. But realistically, we are unhappiest people ever.

To resist, becomes virtually impossible. If you exist, you must be plugged. Plugged ergo sum.
The coded virus has entered the target and it perpetually changes itself. It feeds on us and mutates faster than any vaccine. It is impossible to find a cure for digital influenza. With time, technology is becoming more powerful, attacking brain’s (numerous) weak spots.
Only power shortage and empty batteries may stop this activity. The centre of disease is called Google. Google has a perverse tactics of permanently fetching your data. The invisible “updater” works in the background, continually connecting to a server. If you locate it (using monitoring software), you will find that it is disguised as an “software updater”, which permanently fetches for “updates”. In fact, it sends your data to Google. Location, current activity…everything is recorded and nicely stored into a biggest archive ever. This scope of control has never been imagined before, not even by a visionary George Orwell.

Of course, patients know they are sick, but they don’t mind to heal. Addictions are like sirens, they seduce victim until s/he voluntarily submit him/herself. Surrender is a disease, like mind collapsing into abyss of its own will. Once it feels no ground, it becomes addicted to a free-fall. Current generations (digital natives) are born without a mind of their own. They will never be able to experience nature. For them, technology it the only nature.

Some ideologically-attuned individuals still push technology into a forefront, imposing digital education and practice. These “ideologically-correct-social-climbers” are usually seen on stages (TED conferences and similar), holding leadership positions (CEO, director, president) and supporting events which promote technology (One Laptop per Child, etc).
As every scam, technology attacks poor, uneducated and obedient. In fact, nobody is immune, as technology strategically assaults everyone, by lowering and widening the threshold of (so called) user’s experience.

It would be crucial to find a solution before pharmaceutical industry comes with a medication which supplements technology. Radical cuts are necessary. Some “pre digital’s” already started a Digital Detox Therapy by restricting hours of data-exposure. Some turned to analog as a remedy, using bare hands or tools to make real things. Privileged ones have already abandoned technology and went back to the future, identifying their existence with natural processes. But, there are still many or those who are caught and entangled into a world wide web.

Side effects
In the meantime, servers continue to be filled with senseless data, which analysts sell to corporate managing teams, who in exchange generate trillions of worthless apps, websites, platforms and operating systems, which multiply and mutate like a virus, permanently destroying our fragile nervous system and generating trillions of side effects.

Well, you can still save yourself. Press the “power button” and go for a long walk.

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