We live under the constant sensory deprivation and we are not even aware of the fact that our sensory spectrum compares to a size of one star with entire night sky. In other words, we are not aware of how much we cannot perceive.

Mission limited
Discipline we call “science” is (among other things) engaged in several “missions impossibles”:
To extend our tiny (perceptive) spectrum, to expand our life (expectations) and to make our life more (practically) bearable. So far, science succeeded in making small steps by using technology and inventing new devices, but we still remain “simple minded” as all humans previously living on this planet.

Mission incompetent
Since scientists acquired better tools, which allows them to operate on a scale never imagined before, new technology allows to produce replicas of living tissues, modify genetic code and alter essential building blocks of life. All this is done in hope to expand human’s experience, knowledge and health. So far, everything looks perfect in the lab. But, when alterations take life on their own, there is no way to predict if they will generate a butterfly effect.

Mission useless
Are we capable to handle extended sensory perception?
The answer comes from the brain, which has limited capacity to process stimuli. Even worse, brain can process one aspect per time, which makes it incapable to access multiplicity of phenomena. Secondly, it is “designed” to receive only a limited range of impulses, which questions its ability to handle anything beyond the “given” scope. These pivotal obstacles bring down all concepts of progress and evolution. In fact, as species, we cannot evolve. No alteration can push us forward.

Mission unbelivable
To expand life means to defy death. At this point we encounter the greatest fear of all: finitude. Everyone has the same destiny, yet nobody truly believes in death. Death is something that happens to everyone else except to me. Right? The mystery of vanishing is the greatest magic trick, so why spoil the magic? Science still tries to find a cure for death, bundled into a package of prosthetics, drugs, diets and various anti-aging activities. But, avoiding death is just a strange concept, which is scarier than a death itself.

Mission aborted
We are destined not to evolve, but to remain at the same spot…if only under optimal conditions. In fact, we keep devolving…now faster than ever before, due to scientific efforts, which manage to accelerate everything, including time. Consequentially, we are just sinking faster…into a quicksand of pollution, isolation, depression, crime, illness, lie…and the only way out, to avoid rapid annihilation, is to reject ideology which generates it. By this, I mean, everything.

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