Before our civilization destroys this lovely planet, it is important to understand what, how and why this is happening.

The distribution of power marks the paradigm, or way we perceive the world: if power is concentrated at one spot, there is no room for negotiations. This is why we escape into a virtual real. As an artist and creative individual, I am more interested in manifestations of ideology… but I am at the same time reminded that skin always reflects anatomy. In this short essay I am trying to point the connections in between anatomical structure of ideology (politics) and its outer manifestation (reality).

Islamic philosopher Aristoteles
It is important to be reminded that Aristoteles was completely unknown to Western scholars before his writings were translated from Arabic into Latin, after the collapse of the Caliphate of Cordoba AD 1031. In fact, one of the greatest Islamic ideological principle is due to Aristoteles’s translation of his “all-inclusive” doctrine, a.k.a. his notion of “moderation” in between metaphysical and physical realms. Earlier to this doctrine, division of power acted as a balance between sacred and secular, providing some space for dialogue and negotiation. But, since Sultan decided to seize absolute control, he fused both realms, spiritual and profane, making himself a God on Earth. Suddenly, the bridges between realms collapsed, driving politics, ethics and religion to stay under one roof and as a consequence, generating logics as a binder between realms.

Note: Contemporary science (acting as a logic) is not to be interpreted as scientia, which refers to a higher knowledge beyond disciplines.

Corrupted knowledge
When Islamic rule collapsed, scientific thinking has been adapted to fit religious dogmas of the Renaissance, supported and promoted by the ever-shifting Western Church. First European scientific experiments were directly copied from Islamic books and translated into Latin, together with names of Islamic thinkers (this is how Ibn Sina became “Avicenna” and so on). Arrogance and ignorance go together hand by hand, but this time they went further than ever before. In the past 500 years Europe seized and claimed the invention of everything, including the history of the World itself. Western world occupied knowledge, maps, books, arts, sciences, etc…producing a narrow minded perspective of “Eurocentrism”, a.k.a. world seen through the glasses of “progress”. At the same time this progress killed more people and occupied more territory than all known societies in the history of the mankind.

You see what you know
In some sense, we are all victims of knowledge. If you find yourself limited and narrow minded, you should be brave and reject your knowledge. Then, you may embark onto quest for missing pages, lost translations, edited and censored passages, concepts and meanings. You will be rewarded new knowledge, quite dissimilar form the ideological arrogance someone calls “education”. You may encounter new & unknown territory of intelligence, connections and intersections, which generates an entirely different landscape. Then, you would be able to see what is going on today and how easy is to manipulate humans by giving them what the “want”. Technology, media, news, sports, entertainment, spectacle…are only tip of this iceberg.

To conclude, if your perspective on life is driven by logic, reason and facts…and if you are ideologically correct…you’ve been undeniably well educated.

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