Overheard conversations at the local cafe´

Hello, nice to meet you! O, yes, how are you? Nice…nice. You are so sweet. What is your name? I am going to have a haircut, so I will take a coffee before. How nice. So sweet. Look at her. Your hair is so nice. Oh, thank you. I want to pee. Wait a moment. So how is everything? Well, great. I found the cheap Christmas tree. By guys. Enjoy your haircut. Thank you. What would you like? Doppio macchiato con panna, please. They switched to Sunday night for some reason. Once she gets around it, it will be fine. Oh My God. O, that’s awesome. OK, cool, we should be in touch. How are you doing? Great, great. She is so cute. Yeaaah. Merry Christmas. Jesus took place over two thousand years. She has a play tonight. My mom made the same cake. Oh, how nice. Is it tomorrow? Hi, what a lovely day, isn’t it? What are you doing? Come here. I think I should quit my part time job. What is going on? You never know. I lost her phone number. Pardon me; let’s play the first draft, see how it goes and we will make decision. It’ s a…I just don’t get it. That’s right. I just mean, this to me is like maybe, I mean. Two bedrooms, bathroom and the kitchen. It is all the same. Is it? I know. Yeah. That’s my. Have fun! I talk to you guys later. It is a free weekend. Monday is a holiday. I really love to have a week off. Sorry, I don’t hear you. Yes…no, no, yes. And, yeah. I got to go over there.

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