What to expect from the day like this one? Revelation, revolution, resolution…reverberation, reservation, rejection, redemption, reunion…reformation, reconstruction…resurrection…? Are days numbered? Are they coded…or pre-designed…as worthless, fulfilled or misunderstood?
What if everything is already resolved and awaits for you at the timeline of your destiny?What if everything has happened already and you are witnessing some eternal unfold? What is the power of will? Can you act against time, space, the flow of destiny?
Every moment brings the opportunity to escape in other dimensions. Firstly, you have to free yourself from norms and regulations (ethics) and make a decision to “leap into the void”. You must surprise yourself and your predictable behaviour (destiny) in order to encounter higher dimensions. Taking the advantage of the “cracks in between decisions”, one can step outside the paved path and experience entirely new magnitude of events. The power of will is nothing but this crack in time, a fleeting moment, an opportunity to strike. The power of will acts like a switch in between possible and impossible. Power of will is the power to turn the power off and drift into your inner space.
– Dedicated to creativity.

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