Mr. Brainwash: “Queen Aviator”

From your first breath until the last speech at your funeral, life is nothing but indoctrination, persuasion, propaganda and convention. To embrace rules and regulations, ethics and aesthetics, theory and practice…one must have a squeaky clean brain, scrubbed, rinsed and sterilized.

Cultured or civilized
Chinese and Indian cuisine spawned the oldest cultures in the world, inventing innumerable meals, recipes and tastes over thousands of years. On the other side, it is rare to find a British restaurant. Even if you find one, it won’t serve anything fancy, but fish & chips or warm beer. This simple parallel proves two things: that culture starts in the kitchen, and what some call “culture” is in fact, civilization. The difference is obvious: civilized means disciplined and obese, while cultured means disciplined and skinny. Both culture and civilization are control & power driven structures, with different management systems: civilization using external/public influence and culture relying on internal/private suppression.

Beautiful revenge
Aesthetic theory amputated “primitive” senses (taste, smell & touch) from “fashionable” ones (eye, ear), capable of beauty. As a consequence, recent internet craze, like photos of food (taste & smell) and pets (touch) was driven by the revenge of amputated senses. Everyone who shares those images has a desire to pet and lick flickering screen of desire. Smell, taste and touch remain the ultimate unfulfilled impulses, filling the internet with techno-sensory schizophrenia.

Sexy future
The ultimate challenge remains: how to brainwash the mindless? Here we encounter the role of technology in both civilizational and cultural sense. As an outcome of progress, technology is unquestioned, same as other (civilizational) legacies: science, logics and reason. On the other side, technology as a cultural phenomenon controls privacy and decision making, serving as an alternative to old fashioned religion, sociology and ethics. In other words, technology provides a winning combination of external influences and self-censorship, bringing forward the most powerful controlling instruments ever. Soon, we may expect brighter future, when mindless are going to make love to brainless behind the screen.

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