Next generation of digital technology is going to interfere with the mind, bringing science fiction closer to reality. Mind controlled and mind control devices are developed simultaneously, announcing the coming shift in interacting with technology: instead user interface, there will be user as interface.

What if dreams are mind impulses projected on retina?

In this case, it would be possible to say that ancient Greeks were right by stating that “eyes emanate rays”, but inside the eye. In this case retina will act as film and projection screen at the same time, broadcasting images (impulses) coming from outside and inside.

Next generation of images may be generated by neurones.

Inducting neurones may produce “true virtual” reality, i.e., generate sensations directly inside the brain. In this case it would be possible to “see the movie” inside the mind instead on screen. This idea may please some, but scare other to death, because it won’t be possible to distinguish inducted projection form actual experience.

Aut disce aut discede.

This also means, mind can be easily manipulated and controlled, which brings the old dream of controlling life closer to reality. No wonder billions are poured into “research” in neuroscience, robotics and similar disciplines, in desperate attempts to unlock the secret of life. History repeats itself again, but provides different toys to those who aspire to “play God”. 


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