Cogito ergo sum, or credo ut intelligam?

These ancient sayings reveal permanent tension between mind and spirit, as they both claim, at the same time, different reasons for existence. This split in consciousness generates abyss which is filled with speculations, corruption and crimes against both mind and spirit.

The most prevailing crime against knowledge is called “discipline”. In order to exist, discipline seizes certain area of interest and chops it away from the rest of the world. Then it constructs disciplinary knowledge by applying specific language and codes of conduct. This knowledge is further framed and guarded from other disciplines, until it becomes a bastion of limited competence. Afterwards, so-called “experts” control gates of discipline like Cerberus, to prevent contamination and thinking coming from the outside.

Once in power, experts are interested only in maintaining power.
Inter and trans disciplinary practice pretends to overcome divisions, yet these efforts remain controlled and exploited by experts. It is possible to say that so-called-cross-disciplinary-practice serves as a cover to keep “fortresses of competence” in charge and deny criticism.

Hack experts and prosper!
What is left to non-experts and naive scholars who are enthusiastically dedicated to pursue true quest for knowledge? In fact, the only way to avoid colonized knowledge is to occupy the space outside disciplines. Anti-Disciplinary work can be produced only in contradiction to disciplinary rules and regulations, avoiding corrupted language, determined goals, safe and predictable routine. Anti-Disciplinary studies are anti-studies, designated to critically asses and disapprove official knowledge, formulas, methods and templates of agreement.
Forthcoming non-disciplinary scholars should take advantage of disciplinary gaps and fill the abyss with new forms of knowledge.

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