To paraphrase Heidegger, thinking cannot exist without thinking about thinking.

If knowledge is taken for granted, then something must be wrong with the knowledge. The major problem in “thinking about thinking” comes form believing in facts. Information enters into our system like a virus, feeding on our weakness, doubt and inactivity and thanks to technology, we are now exposed to infection of gigantic proportions.

User, loser
Long time ago Walter Benjamin posted a question on what happens to image in times of mechanical reproduction. Today, this question concerns everything we do and think, as every single item is rasterized and stored for easy retrieval on some remote server. Techne removed episteme and became a canon. Age of information offers facts, without questioning their origin or veracity. In other words, technology is ideology in its purest form, playing game, generating addictions and consequences I don’t need to recount.

Phantom icons
At this point in time, abandoning “social networks” is the first step in accessing our own mind.
Last month, I decided to leave Facebook, Instagram and Twitter at the same time. Instinctively, my fingers were in search for missing icons for a couple of days. First days of abstinence were crucial and I nearly went back to the old routine. Now, almost a month without networking, I am back to reading books, writing and generating art, activities I evaded in the past few years. Also, my mind is back to thinking, as I am pleasantly reminded while writing these words. Like an addict coming out of dependency, I am still vulnerable because I am exposed & using technology on daily basis. But, the difference is obvious: technology is not using me anymore.

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