Money, power or sex?
Future spies are initiated and governed according to their vice(s). The same goes for images. Images of our times represent same mental corruption, disguised as control, power and seduction. Propaganda is disguised as constructed reality (politics, ethics, and economy), seduction plays a role in domesticating natural instincts (food and sex) and control is embedded in everything else.

Images mirror our minds, designed to mask bestial instincts and beautify deviations.

Images reflect prevailing cultural models, exposing suppressed distortions. It is enough to read a daily paper and experience travesty: front pages are preoccupied with serious political eyewash and closing pages promote sex trade and offer all kinds of perversions for sale. Middle section is left to mediocre reader to indulge into sport, entertainment and culinary delights, spiced with local or global trivialities.

The role of the arts is to explore and expose reality through images. In this process, art becomes contaminated by reality, infected by the same disorder: commodity, propaganda and travesty. Art as commodity is sold in galleries, art as propaganda is sponsored by corporations and viewer is left with trivial art of fabricated taste, otherwise known as kitsch.

Nobody seems to worry for the effects of current avalanche of distaste. Meanwhile, if images continue to multiply like rabbits, we will reach the moment of absolute saturation. Could we possibly become numb to all desires (including money, power and sex), due to images?

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