Snow is white.
Polar bear is white.
Logic is bipolar.

The problem of our times is that we rarely think beyond ideology.

What we call “logic” is doctrine at its purest.
Aristotelian logic is only a residue of his lost-in-translations-and-distorted thinking. In researching sources that point out beyond translations, I found the evidence to believe Aristotle never utilized simple deductive premises; instead he applied induction and paradox as the only possible approach to (logical) truth.

Visualization of invisible and speculative subjects is always entertaining. For ex., the above image may trigger the notion of global warming, especially to (indoctrinate) thinkers. They will interpret sand as melted ice and polar bear as a victim of human’s violence over the environment.

Above examples trigger and expose multiple readings of ”an image is worth a thousand words”. Today, when word is worth a thousand images, it is difficult to contemplate logos, which remains hidden behind the veils of interpretations.

Aristoteles was well aware of ethics (well disguised indoctrination) and he would never mix ethics with logic.

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