What is the role of drawing in digital age?

Pixelized arts
Very few “senior masters” who remember time before computers are retiring soon. Everyone else worship pixels. Painting is pixelized, sculpture became multi-pixel installation and all other sorts of arts are more-or-less pixels projected on screens. Only one form of art continues to defy pixelation and it is called “drawing”.

Errare humanum est
The incapacity of computer programs to negotiate mistake had allowed drawing to become an important asset for future of the arts. Drawing stubbornly remains what-was-once-called “analog”. It resists classifications and formulations, disciplinary divisions and political correctness. Drawing refuses immaculate displays and continues to take advantage of error, scratch and spillage of inks on paper. Drawing connects mind, surface and hand, relaying on incidents that cannot be calculated or controlled by the machine. In fact, the reason why drawing exists is, to appreciate error.

It is the impossible to digitalize serendipity. Drawing fuses mind, hand and eye with delicate ink spills and scratches that cannot be translated into binary data. It requires intuition, chance, skills, inspiration, response, accuracy, nonchalance, speed and slowness at the same time. Delicate yet eager, drawing is practiced by individuals who have capacity to produce maximum results with minimal components.

Future art addicts
It is possible to say that drawing contains seed for the future. Obviously, it is not only drawing at stake, because future depends on many factors. Fortunately, there is a great number of youngsters who are re-discovering serendipity through the act of drawing. They are experiencing the power of creativity, which is probably the best and cheapest drug ever invented.

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