Painting is not a painting, but a portal into mind.

The idea of abstraction was announced by Kandinsky in 1912, when he accidentally discovered the power of colour and form independent of reality. But Kandinsky was still attached to the real, converting tangible sensations into synesthesia via carefully crafted visual language.

It was Malevich who removed his hand from the “safety bar of the real” and leaped into void. Malevich announced his discovery as mind-mining method, unrelated to perceptive and real world. For him, painting was only a narrow passage that allowed mind to connect with other mind. In no time, his discovery was pronounced threatening and became exchanged for social realism and trivial propaganda. This was the beginning and the end of what we call today non-objective art.

I produced the above humble drawing to connect with Malevich’s spirit in year 2001, as memory, honour and farewell to a man who pondered far into future.

Image: Digital projection over (framed) charcoal on paper 3” x 3”, 2001

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