Homo ludens
When it comes to technology, we suffer from infantile digital diseases and despite that, crave for new gadgets. Like kids, we don’t know what technology can do, so we explore its limits through games. Good thing is that gaming open new ways of interacting with technology, providing new possible ways of engagement. Yet, despite new toys, we are planted into same spot where we stayed for centuries. Old questions still wait for answers, while we play with intriguing interfaces.

Homo sapiens
At this point in time Internet is the biggest grinding machine, pulverizing reality into data. New disciplines emerge and merge, generating hybrids and zombi regimens, specially in sciences. The most recent focus on psyche is an effort to decode and digitalize thinking. This (almost ironic) task brings the same old problems to a new light. To be precise, future cannot be determined using outdated scientific methods of efficiency, accuracy and logics, relevant to industrial & military operations. Science (and scientists) should publicly admit limits of competence and make room for coming changes. To paraphrase Einstein, new knowledge cannot arrive from regime that created current problems. New knowledge could only emerge through synthesis and annihilation of disciplines, a.k.a. non-disciplinarity.

Homo liber
Future needs those who have capacity to remove walls of compartmental knowledge and establish connections among scattered data. We need fresh minds to expose new elements and build new forms and generative concepts. Future belongs to radically different thinkers and new paradigm is hopefully going to shift away those who currently occupy institutions of knowledge and power. Amen.

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