Theory is a contemplative and rational type of abstract or generalizing thinking, or the results of such thinking. – Wikipedia

God’s speculation
The above definition is not only absurd but completely nonsensical, demonstrating that the notion of theory still remains far from elemental understanding. Even word “theory” is of some suspicious origin: apparently, it comes from Greek theoria “contemplation, speculation, a looking at, things looked at”, but I claim “theory” derivates from Theo (God), relating to attempts to understand meanings & existence. Lost in translations, theory became oversimplified to banality, like everything else.

Scientific magic
The reason why every theory lasts “less than snow” is oversimplification. Scientism refused to consider anything outside tested & proved, leaving us with boring Universe and an overwhelming number of speculations. Then, after exhausting all schemes and sinking into total absurdity (Quantum and String theories) Theory of Everything was thrown as a lifesaver, to prevent scientists from suffocating in their own terms. Unifying theories are the last frontier of contemporary science. The infamous “Big Bang” and “T.O.E.” are attempts to find building block of existence. In some odd way, science now depends on mystery and secret formulae.
Of course, they involve comprehensive speculation and could be understood only by few “experts”.

If there were something like “Common Lego Theory”, this universe would be an absolutely boring and predictable place, deprived of unknown. Fortunately, unifying element cannot exist in the cosmos based on chaos (understood as a highest order of existence). Instead of wasting time on searching for a common grain, scientists should focus on predicting weather. This would be, at least, something useful and would (finally) be of some value to humanity.

Moral: never trust a weatherman.

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