imago = likeness = eikōn = icon = image = imagination = picture = painting = symbol

Language kills
All the above explains corruption of language as a knowledge-supporting medium.
Maybe Socrates should reappear and question our (overly-corrupted) terminology…but for sure, he would be accused and killed again by the very same demos. Vicious history (always) refuses to learn.

What most people call image is not image but photograph. Photo-graphia mimics reality, because it mimics our way of seeing. Actually, photograph is far from reality, as it captures only a fragment & rejected light in extremely short period of time.

Made by hand, often using paint (pictura), picture is merger of perceptive and mental likeness. Ancient cultures refer to picture as a threshold between mind and nature. Orient still preserves art as liminal space.

Imago or imagination is mental image based on memory. Similarly as JPG files, images are compressed for easier retrieval. We often forget that images are stored as complex memories, involving emotions and space/events. Imagination may be regarded as retrieval of these imago-emotions and attributed to generate new (imaginary) images.

Visual rhetoric
We should pay attention if term we use relates to visual sensation we try to describe. That’s why it is important to say that technology-generated “images” and not images at all. They are mechanically reproduced pictures of photographs without imagination.

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