Old argument “what-is-and-what-is-not-art” can still cause fierce conversations

  • Who is in charge to make decisions about art?
  • Is art made by machine still called art?
  • Is it possible to own artwork?
  • How much culture costs?

Degenerate Art

The infamous “Entratete Kunst” was an attempt to renounce delirious expressions of modernism and reestablish traditional artistic values. This controversial exhibit challenged everything that was stylized, fantastic or distorted and promoted ideal of classical beauty based on harmony and order. What would be equivalent to Entratete Kunst today?

Degenerative Art

First thing that comes to my mind is generative art, a.k.a. art made by algorithm. Instead making love, young digital artists masturbate the code. They tweak, squeak, stretch, gnaw, pull & push these pitiful codes until they produce some “glitches”, a.k.a. “art”. If this is called art, then sawing machine is an artist, as it has capacity to (de)generate glitches.

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