“In essence, the basic question of philosophy (as of psychoanalysis) is the same as that of the detective novel: who is guilty? To know the answer (to think you know) you have to conjecture that the facts possess a logic  – the logic that the guilty party has imposed on them.” – Umberto Eco

We blame time for everything, because time is the ultimate killer, which imposes itself on us.
Since we use pendulum to rhythmically count intervals, we lost sense of true time and therefore capacity to predict events. True time is not boringly recurring as our instruments suggest. In fact, time never flows in the same direction and it never repeats speed, coherence or occurrence. Time is embedded into matrix same as energia, the famous force that makes things appear as they are.

Pendulum shift
If one thing is important, then everything is important, but if everything is important, then nothing is important.
Chicken or egg theories contribute to indecisiveness, making everything relevant to nothing. In the process of diluting ourselves into minuscule particles without identity, we arrived to the point of pendulum shift, or better to say “pause”.
We wait for something to happen, paralyzed by irrelevance. Why decide if you can happily live ever suspended into eternity of non-decisions? Doubt becomes status absolutus, and non-arriving, not-deciding, not-engaging provides the ultimate escape route from the deadlines.

But, doubt brings double trouble, as the sense of guilt is multiplied by number of non-decisions.
To obtain the sense of time, one has to abandon time. By this I mean one has to slow down and appreciate absence of hours. Gazing at dust falling on books, waiting for the leaf to fall, for petal to unfold or a shadow to turn around tree. These non-actions are (maybe) the only way to get the sense of true time back and like a shell that patiently wraps grain of sand into pearl, we should become aware of eternity that is embedded in us.

Sorry, have to finish this post as I am going to be late…

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