Blessed are the ignorant, for theirs is the kingdom of god.
True knowledge exists in knowing that you know nothing.
Father, forgive them, for they don’t know what they are doing.
Non-knowledge is beyond the extreme limits of absolute knowledge.
To be wise often entails a certain dose of stupidity, and stupidity seems to have wisdom as well.

To know or not to know
There are many concepts of knowing, but very few about not knowing.
I will try to clarify some of these concepts and increse the level of clarity which is currently needed more than new knowledge. According to Bataille, non-knowledge is not ignorance, but leap over the conventional knowledge.
He and many other avid thinkers agree with the idea that knowledge has limits and therefore needs to be thoroughly investigated, or otherwise accepted as the incapacity to evolve.

Blessed are ignorants
Ignorance is refusal to know and at the same time, acceptance of collective agreements. Collective knowledge is designed for everyone, which means for no one. It is admired by those who have the capacity to follow rules and consequentially, climb social staircases of success. In other words, official knowledge is for ignorants.

Dare to dare
Non-knowledge is a refusal to submit to conventional norms and demand to leap into unknown, a risk taken by few brave souls who date to encounter the truth.

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