What we call space, cannot exist without time. But time exists outside space, making space an obsolete conception.

What we call space, is not space but time.
When Einstein introduced the notion of space-time continuum, he announced the shift that still lasts and resonates with controversy for more than a hundred years. Despite breakthroughs in many fields including physics (quantum, string), psychoanalysis (collective conscience), technology (computation), medicine (genetics), etc…most of us still continue to believe in Cartesian grid (a.k.a. Google Maps) and perceive space as a 2 dimensional network of longitudes and meridians.

Imposed time
So called “Prime Meridian” passes through the Royal Observatory in Greenwich, declaring the current centre of the world. In fact, this meridian locates time, not space. It is imposed on us now and it will last until some future empire reclaims the centre of the universe. This example proves that space is regulated by time and therefore cannot exist without time.

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