Most folks entertain more than one character. – Unknown

Double exposure
Self denial is the fastest developing disorder of our times. Yet, we are masters of disguise, wearing masks to fit any occasion. Why do we have to domesticate ourselves and embrace passivity and neutrality; and simultaneously keep our face straight when we feel like collapsing due to unfairness and rejection?

There is some pleasure in being (sometimes) wrong, instead being always right. Yet, double standards rule our life: we accept to be blamed internally (the idea of being humble, tolerant, etc) and at the same time, we despise being condemned externally (judged & compared, punished, etc). This duality of standards generates a split which never heals.

Acts of kindness
Firstly, we are ordained to project unbiased impressions of tolerance and acceptance of everything, including issues we deeply disapprove (ethnicity, sexual orientation, religious views and similar). These “acts of kindness” commonly turn into masochistic enjoyment in suppressing our violent side. There is something profoundly sick in pretending to be openminded and at the same time biting a tongue while nodding.

Me and me and me
Secondly, we play a role of the superhero when it comes to public presence and work performance. For the argument, we are ready to stab everyone who turns back on us. There is no ethics (nor aesthetics) to demonstrate how great and distinctive individuals we are, when promotions and salary is at stake. Then, we use every weapon at our disposal to lynch enemies (a.k.a. everyone who is not under our dominance).

Duplicity starts at the highest level and turns down on population like an avalanche of inconvenient truths. Dual standards sustain every conversation, action and transaction. No wonder, we will be remembered as the most medicated humans in history, ever.

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