Bad acting: robot mimicking emotions

Crying exercise
When was the last time you cried for no reason?
Probably never, because everyone needs some reason to cry.
So, why not to cry over reason itself (?) as it is the weakest point of existence.

Emotional Intelligence (oxymoron)
According to reason, intelligence is measurable, same as emotions, according to Sartre.
In regards to emotions, Sartre developed a concept of magic.
He claimed that feelings are responses to unexpected & complex events.
On the other side, Kandinsky claimed that we have capacity to trigger emotions and even generate non-existing ones.
Both Sartre and Kandinsky agree that emotions are experiential, I.e. articulated through perception.
Question that remains unanswered is the relation between emotion and intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence (another oxymoron)
Recent “breakthroughs” in cognitive sciences and robotics brought us closer to the AI dream.
However, we have to be reminded that machine will never be able to attain emotions, simply because it doesn’t have memory.
Furthermore, emotions are individual experiences that cannot be manufactured.
The old dream of science to become fiction (and produce emotional AI robots) will remain just a dream.

Dreams are wonderful, until someone decides to replicate them.
Then, they are called nightmares.

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