Landscape (West): trauma can only be cured with surrogates of trauma

Constable said: “The art of seeing nature is a thing almost as much to be acquired as the art of reading Egyptian hieroglyphics.” Escape from nature has generated landscape as a genre of painting. The moment west abandoned true nature, it embraced illusion. Realism means lack of experience.

Landscape (East): poetry, painting and calligraphy

Wang Wei said: ”When one paints landscape, concepts precede artwork.”
Eastern mind engages  multiple viewpoints in engaging  with the world. It seeks to employ  both mind and eyes in constructing the image. That’s why art in the East was praised by peasants same as by government officials.

Landscape (hybrid): collapse of time & space

Manipulated landscape is outcome of manipulated mind. Absence of mind and perception produces hybrid landscapes by morphing, tweaking, stitching, layering, overlapping and cutting & pasting bits and pieces of space. Escapes into emptiness.

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