Breaking time


Behind the doors of my studio, there is this ashtray, full of cigarette butts. Each one is a memory of a short smoking break, puffed by tailors who work day by day sawing garments in the basement. Most of these workers look tired, pale and thin, as if they arrived as human cargo through the infamous nearby port.

Breaking circle


More and more bike fanatics ride unicycle, making our environment look like a circus. This paint glitch competes with all sorts of digital glitches promoted as digital art. If you look closer, you may even notice “pixelized” paint effect, due to some kind of “stencil filter”. Mistakes are getting popular by the day, announcing coming future fashion: unicycles and failures.

Breaking away


Recently I started enjoying expressive nature of inks. In fact, I hate (and fear) both ink and brush, so this enjoyment comes as my vendetta. Inks are most tactile medium and on top of that, they produce extreme contrast & not allowing any corrections. I truly dislike “painting with hair”, probably because hair is wobbly, thin and bendable (characteristics I cannot grasp). So, I use old and broken brushes and anything that I find in my surroundings that can transfer ink to paper. I will never understand artists who spend money on quality brushes.

Panem et circenses

This drawing belongs to a series of hybrid scapes, revealing itself in front of my eyes as some kind of ou topos. In my mind, I run away to these deserted islands, to escape cigarette butts, human fates, unicycle riders and signs on a pavement… they remind me on circenses et panem…a.k.a. fiasco some call civilization.

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