Tempus neminem mane / time waits for no one


Archeology is not science of the past, but of future. Further we look into the past, better we are able to envision the time to come. Unfortunately, most of us look down only in moments of desperation; and even worse, we seldom interpret what we see.
Kandinsky, in the moment of absolute enlightenment, proclaimed the “everything started talking to him”. To notice is to connect and once we establish connection, we become mediators of the world.

Dimidum facti, qui coepit, habet / once you’ve started, you’re halfway there


This is one of my favourite drawings, which arrived into this world (almost) by itself. In fact, I am not sure if I did anything, but facilitate marks and traces to appear. I waited for the idea to become visible and acted as a transmitter of the creative impulse. Is this art? Whatever is your viewpoint, I felt connected with the source, in other words, I became a medium. What other call “medium”, is actually just a “tool”. Pencil or computer are nothing but instruments, and focusing on skills means not apprehending arts.

Omnia cause fount / everything happens for a reason


What you think is what you see. Orwellian message? Prisoner’s time? Secret code? Scratch?
Knowledge stops before logic and logic stops before intuition. The way we perceive world depends on the capacity to link and identify, but knowledge often goes as far as reason. Then, there is nothingness, this empty void, cold and distant…which conceals what actually exists. Who is willing and brave to step into nothing?

“Do not fear mistakes. There are none.” – Miles Davis

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