Most visitors who stroll galleries wear somber faces, pretending they are engaged in arts.

Visitors are artists, artists are visitors.


Art events are gathering of people who came to see other people. In most cases, visitors don’t look at art, instead they chat and stare at each other. Yet, if you ask them to say something about art, they might feel intimidated and behave as if they were suddenly awaken from some bad dream. Most of them will avoid saying anything and those who respond will not make any sense. This is a common state of affairs in contemporary culture and there is nothing new or unknown here; because everyone is aware that art cannot be defined, everything can be called art and everyone is an artist.

Art is garbage & garbage is art.


I was displeased at the Venetian Biennale, when one artist stated he couldn’t distinguish exhibited garbage from the actual garbage. But, at second thought, it is not easy to make difference between the two. The only difference is that exhibited garbage sits inside the gallery.

Therefore, today’s lesson is simple: whatever is in the gallery, is called Art.

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