Every artists has been asked a common question: “How long does it take you to make art?” Most artists provide some figures…and some answer with a counter-question (ex. Jackson Pollock): How long does it take you to make love?

Time sellers
Those who ask questions about time are not creative individuals and they cannot understand what it means to be creative. Usually they sell their time for living, which means they are “paid by hour”. They are victims of industrial & military ideological complex, which fabricates machines instead individuals, efficiency instead quality and profit instead sustainability.

Time buyers
Art erases time. Creativity doesn’t recognize concrete thinking, but breaks the rule of “time is money”. In fact, artists often lose both, since art is an absolute investment made out of intangible ingredients, such as patience, observation, inspiration and devotion. Those features are translated into words, sounds, marks, forms or movements, providing artist with a glimpse of eternity. So, before you ever ask again “how long it takes you to make art”, try to experience eternity by looking at art.

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