Every soul has a speckle, like a dead pixel on the screen.

Acheiropoieta (Byzantine Greek: ἀχειροποίητα, “made without hand”; singular acheiropoieton) — also called Icons Made Without Hands (and variants) — are Christian icons which are said to have come into existence miraculously, not created by a human.

In the old days, before darkness wrapped the Earth, artists used their arts to worship the Light. Every step of art making served only one purpose: to purify the soul. Firstly, artist was supposed to prepare a surface for the sacrifice, made out of skin glue and white chalk. Polished with hand, gesso would become smooth and hard like a bone. Then, he would grind, filter and clean pigments, until they achieve their purest hues. Pigments will be mixed with egg emulsion, symbolizing unification with the Sun. Coloured emulsion would be applied with soft sable brush using gentle gestures. White gesso would absorb and intensify luminous transparency of colours that will never be mixed in between themselves, but laid devotionally on each other. Acheiropoieta, an image would appear as a reflection of the artist’s soul.

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