According to Wikipedia “the word terrorism is politically loaded and emotionally charged. A broad array of political organizations have practised terrorism to further their objectives.”

Terminology expanded
First of all, this term is often wrongly associated with violence, as there are many forms of terrorism, including intellectual and economic. Further on, every act of terror is accompanied with certain goals in mind, which are regularly hidden in the background of events. As a rule, goals are always of personal nature and it is possible to say that a broad array of individuals are prone to practice all sorts of actions to achieve their objectives.


Terminology explained
Art Terrorists are individuals who develop strategies of power in order to dominate and gain from the arts. As usual, these are not forgers or some petty criminals who steal artworks, but those who rule the art world. Their only goal is to “patronize” arts, which means to control market and make profit form transactions.


Terminology exposed
By the rule, they are pleasant & nicely behaved individuals who practice sublime forms expressions. They are correct, connected and controlled, until someone attempts to question or argue their position. Then, those perfidy and treacherous beasts will reveal their true nature.

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