The short history of deception.

We were never satisfied with the idea of the realism, as it is overly boring to duplicate the same thing. That’s why most folks apply filters as soon as they take the picture. Historically, painting died with the advent of photography and photography died the very moment photographers started using painting to beautify photos. Strangely enough, photography revitalized painting, which became preoccupied with making the illusion more beautiful than a real thing.

Painters were always obsessed to produce a miracle. The reason oil paint was invented was to reproduce colour of the human flesh. Painters experimented with materials & tools, inventing elaborate and carefully guarded methods and techniques. Often, they would rather die then reveal the secrets.

To paint skies, Venetian artist used to grind colourful Murano glass into paints. Rembrandt was obsessed with secret underpainting technique, which allowed him to “carve” the image before adding glazes. Impasto, varnish, glaze, brushwork…and so on. Every artist acted as a magician, perfecting skills and figuring out how to produce a perfect illusion.

This is how virtual became more real than real itself.

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