Numbers attain “sacred” meaning, which is deeply embedded into nature of all things.
If math is God’s language, then everything can be calculated.

This thoughts are old as the world, but have different meanings today, when we use numbers as a base to record and perform every possible transaction, experience and event. Ones and zeroes have capacity to stand for all other numbers and even more, to generate computations of previously unforeseen dimensions. Same as music sheets, computer programs convey instructions for performing infinite computations and therefore infinite variations of the same score. Sound could be turned into image, image into shape, shape into form and form could become a sound.
Nature is a playground of computations, which remain recorded in time. For example, tree contains all data of its existence written down into growth rings. Every rainfall, sunny day, wind or snow, would be recorded into a pattern, representing visual computation, or “analog data”. Same goes for every other living (and dead) organism. To be precise, our planet is built out of dead creatures, whose deposit covers the entire surface or the ball some call “Earth”. Earth is made of dirt, stones and minerals which once were alive, or better to say, belonged to a living creatures. In this sense, every stone carries the evidence of life and therefore of living patterns.


Artificial computation, otherwise known as digital, remains poor in comparison to natural patterns and interactions. Numbers carry symbolic meaning, i.e., they convey pseudo existence. In other words, digital remains meaningless, regardless (desperate) intentions to produce Artificial Intelligence.

Regrets to all those who think digital will one day exchange their capacity to think, apparently it already succeeded in surpassing their capacity to anticipate.

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