For those who see carpet as a decor.

Less is less
We are not born to read and write, but we possess senses that could read in between words. Intuition is essential in understanding the complexity of the environment. In spite of this, we invented education, a.k.a. focusing on letters and words. When language is a bearer of knowledge, meaning remains hidden. In this short post, I will use ornament to explain how vision and language flatten knowledge.

Beyond less
Most of us are unaware of visual complexity, as we are usually focused on surfaces. Deeper engagement is necessary to unlock interconnections and meanings behind the casual gaze. Ornament is often boring and predictable, repetitive and symmetrical. We think of carpets as decor and buy them according to taste.

More is more
Ornamentation was historically applied to represent rituals, prayers and reminders. Repetitions are causing (and are caused by) vibrations that hold the Universe together. Ancient Indian diagrams of Chakras and Yantra-Mandalas are strikingly similar to the geometry of sound. The Indians understood the Universe is a cloud of vibrating energy, and that the secret of health and happiness is to keep these layers of energy in tune. 

Beyond more
The only constant thing in this Universe is symmetry. Of course, true symmetry cannot exist, due to dynamic variables that interact and generate infinite changes in patterns. Pattern or program is written in shape of mantra or mandala, serving as a mnemonic device which assists in transcending from one state into another. These transitions are accompanied by the sound (prayer) and sound is time. Ornamentation resembles chain reaction of predetermined events.
Carpet is the simplest diagram of the Universe.

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