Schizo culture
Modernism managed to develop and maintain bipolar disorder between author, viewer and work of art. Established on tenets of theosophical legacy, the concept of modernism refused the notion of authorship, promoting universality and anonymity of expression. In its core, Modernism preferred abstraction and symbolism to reality and depiction. As a consequence, abstract art was brought into existence. However, abstraction soon turned into currency, as capitalist market managed to incorporate artists into a system of transactions, converting art into commodity. Artist were suddenly obliged to develop a style and sign the work as a proof of originality. This way, spirituality was offered for sale and authorship became a trademark. Market-driven-culture managed to alienate arts and generate misunderstandings that will remain unsolved for centuries.

Virtual Cash
Digital medium denies authorship as a rule, making signature obsolete. On internet, nobody cares about proprietary rights. Information is free and everything posted online should be free. Yet, informationalism has brought the old question of originality back to the surface, as art market remains active, both online and offline. In this sense, authorship remains unimportant, until put up for sale. The gap between product and author grows even deeper, as both money and product are now virtualized. Betrayed by cultural institutions, gallerias, critics, curators, art market and finally social networks, artist remains the last real thing, as he needs to pay real bills.

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