As every fashion is followed by its counterpart, these virtual times will renew our attention in materials and nature of matter. The old debate on nature of the Universe is reopen, together with dispute on nature of existence. Welcome to new materialism.

The end of tunnel
Since we are still haunted by the spectre of “thinking with meat” we cannot simply switch form materialism to meta-materialism. Meanwhile, term “new materialism” attempts to negotiate notable differences in two ways of thinking and provide a place for reconciliation. Quantum theory represents attempt to spiritualize matter and philosophy is suffering form the anti-post-humanist syndrome. In short, every domain is ready for a change, yet nobody wants to take any steps, due to deep institutional inertia.

The end of statistics
To paraphrase Manuel Delanda, “topological animal” is a species that cannot be metric because each vertebrate varies in length, area, volume, et cetera, so only topological properties like connectivity can be used to specify it. All measurements (relative or average) are failing to deliver any valid conclusion. The age of numbers is finished and the age of geometry is coming back.

The end of language
In order to communicate complexity, we cannot count on numbers and words. Visualization is exchanging letters, generating new hieroglyphics. Pictograms and symbols are slowly yet surely producing new visual Esperanto.

The end of experts
Dark matter, which fills the Universe, remains the biggest challenge to materialistic ideology. The moment we accept the existence of this uncanny ingredient, we have to abandon all knowledge. That’s why steps towards truth are slow (or even running backwards).

The biggest obstacles to attain future are recognized (institutionalized) experts who maintain status quo in order to keep benefits, salary and extensive materialistic hedonism.

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