History without mind

In order to understand complexity, we have to embrace all sides of reality. Last time this was accomplished in Dark Ages, in one of the most intricate and misunderstood times in historic terms. Due to our colossal ignorance, we named those ages “dark”, verifying our fear of anything that exist outside perception. Finally, time has come to appreciate those who had capacity to synthesize existent and nonexistent and produce works of majestic proportions.

Form without content

For the sake of the argument, I have to explain my standpoint to those who are going to read this short article: blind trust in physical reality stands as a barrier in between us and everything else in this universe. Matter is incarnation of the spirit, its fall into tactile dimensions. Spiritual is senseless per se, disconnected form what we call “life” and fall is caused by seduction through perception, allure for experience. In this sense, there is no spirituality in living beings, but only a reminiscence of what we call the soul. The end of spirit is beginning of life, as through spirit’s death, life becomes possible. Matter remembers the spirit and carries it as reflection and evidence, a residue of eternity. Every material remembers its spirit through (what we call) energy. Energy circulates according to affinities and repulsions and entire universe revolves around these laws. Due to prevailing materialistic ideology, we intend to oversee what materials contain and therefore we employ them in wrong ways. Our future depends on reunion of all separated realms, otherwise we are doomed to live under the terror of rationalistic fanaticism.

Senses without borders

It took us almost thousand years to start understanding gothic architecture. No wonder, future is past and life can only be understood backwards (Kierkegaard). Gothic architects managed to fuse material and its expressions (form) in seamless patterns, which generate famous gothic style. They followed and respected natural and biological structures long before we coined term “biomimicry”. BTW, the only human in recent history, with capacity to grasp complexity was Antonio Gaudí. His knowledge is still under construction of Sagrada Família. Gothic cathedrals possess uncanny charm of enigmatic structures, which is an outcome of synthesis of form, nature, material and spirit. They incorporate humans’ skeleton, forests’ architecture, roots’ network, insects’ delicacy, flowers’ ornamentation, and brilliance of colours. In short, cathedral is an organic extension of the spirit, which encompasses everything. Gothic style evokes experiences beyond senses, leaving us speechless and suspended in time.

Parametric revelation

Finally, due to parametric computation, we managed to obtain better understanding of complex natural systems. So far, our knowledge is still framed within algorithmic fractions, but this small step backwards will cause a big step forward in grasping the relationship between form and material. It is possible to say that numbers (the language of God) found the way to bring us what we couldn’t grasp with senses. Complexity of algorithm unfolds itself generating organic structures, defying ratio and analytical mind. Finally, after thousand years, we are able to get closer to knowledge hidden inside ornaments, ceilings, musical notes and flickering reflections of light. Masters of synthesis do not waste time analyzing fragments and searching for unifying theory. They simply open their minds to non-perceptible and follow instructions written in eternity. Nature is like a manual which dictates instructions to those who listen. Yet, we seem to be deaf, dumb and blind believers in minuscule reality that pours into us vis-à-vis deficient senses.

What now

Every discovery comes early to mortals, as they need time to digest and prefer not to be surprised during digestion. This means we have to wait until our digestive tract turns present into shit and then (eventually) start making some sense out of what we claim is real.
Until then, try to enjoy terror of simplicity, rationality, efficiency and practicality of living.

Or, maybe watch these videos to help your digestion?

Patrick Schumacher “Parametric Order” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zG2WMVkD5dw
Peter Sloterdijk & Rem Koolhaas https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5OZJ-zj_5zY

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