Ex nihilo nihil fit. -Parmenides

Here & Now
Many great problems nowadays are generated because people are persuaded to live “here & now”. Here & now has been interpreted as opportunity to seize the day, enjoy the moment, immerse, indulge and consume every occasion. Of course, every single instant cannot be ecstatic and inability to seize the moment results in “wasted time”. In fact, most of our lives are wasted anticipating orgasmic eruptions of delight. This way our life becomes dull and we remain desperate in awaiting for (Beckett’s) Godot.

Never & Nowhere
The moment we become aware that we are forever nowhere and will never reach anything in this wast universe, we have a chance to seize eternity. At that moment, time extends itself forever in reaching our own beginnings, which coincides with Universe’s dawn. Simultaneously, we become aware of endless future, being part of cosmic existence same as everything else. And finally then (and only then) we may feel liberated of time, which stole from us a true joy of being present.

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