Primary concepts (paradigms) express value systems and shift from one to another (in this case from space to time) entirely transforms our knowledge base. We know space and time cannot exist without each other, yet one of them always prevails, same as in rivalry in between physics and chemistry.

In times of physics we adopt matter as a constant, claiming particles as essential components of the universe. The connection in between space and matter is evident through intervals and dimensions of space. Yet, diminishing the importance of time, physics quickly reaches its own end.

On the other side, when chemistry prevails, matter becomes fluid and impermanent, declaring change as the only permanence. Every chemical reaction depends on length of exposure, giving priority to conversion through time.

These fluctuations keep on affecting everything we claim to know and do. From seventeenth century onward, obsession with matter produced scientific revolution, which still dominates our landscape. However, failure to understand essential physical laws shifted focus to chemistry in late twentieth century. The notion of time became an opportunity to merge divided disciplines and provide space for a change. Let’s see what happens next.

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