Middle is never in the middle and this is the reason why golden mean exists. The uneven and asymmetric attempts to balance relationships in between personal and universal, direct and indirect, theory and practice, and so on. In this way, symmetry is resolved by interplay among ingredients and actions.

Balance is often interpreted as boredom and boredom is a source of lethargy and depression. In order to fight depression, it is often necessary to introduce shock. Shock as therapy is used as “emotional vaccination” and a small doses of tragedy act as a boost for emotional immunity. As a side effect, level of immunity increases, making us emotionally immune. In other words, shock treatment turns medication into intoxication. This soon becomes evident as shock dependance, or need for permanent excitement. The vicious cycle is closed at the moment when shock stops producing excitement, turning it back into (even bigger) depression.

People have inclination to be disturbed. Virtual shock is otherwise known as a catharsis and this ancient practice helped maintain ancient Greeks in balance. Today, virtual shock is called “news” and contemporaries express great affection for virtual suffering. Strangely enough, they don’t mind experiencing side effects such as stress and agitation, but they often forget that tormented body follows suffering soul, making it vulnerable and susceptible to sickness.

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