FAQ Self

In Brothers Karamazov, Dostoevsky dives into multiple portraits until he reaches himself at the bottom. This psychoanalytical exercise provides us with paradoxical conclusion that everyone is composed out of all creatures involved in the making.
In fact, psychoanalyst’s attempts to analyze the psyche is like separating skin from the body. An impossible, irrational and futile task.

FAQ Identity Crisis

Are psychosomatic illnesses product of consumerist’s ideology? Everyone knows profit prefers individual over crowd. By destroying the collective, individual is forced to look after and bear guilt for himself. Technology erects the divide between young adults who cannot anymore think for themselves. Help comes from medicals that turn crisis of identity into most lucrative business ever. The vicious cycle never stops spinning.

FAQ Order

Willpower, persona, destiny… are interwoven threads of DNA, which resonates with cosmic reverberations, affecting and animating all living creatures. Intelligent design, God and other “unifying forces” obscure the phenomenon ancient Greeks called Chaos. Chaos cannot be analyzed or comprehended. Chaos is prime order, essential state of existence which produces reality by dividing itself into particles. In order to find truth, we have to embrace chaos instead interpretation, void instead matter and disorder instead capital.
In gratitude to Dostoevsky who pioneered subverting the order.

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