Caution: If you use art as therapy it could make you sicker.

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Plumbing as Art

According to Marcel Duchamp, “the only works of art America had contributed to the world were her plumbing and her bridges”. His “Urinal” became the most influential artwork of Modern Art, according to majority of art critics, curators and art historians. And urinal is the work of America’s plumbing industry, which should (finally) be given a recognition of (actually) creating this famous work of art.

Therapy as Art

The idea of Art as Therapy surpassed imagination of one of the most cynical, pessimistic and intelligent figures in Modern art history. Marcel would be stupefied to hear about schools which have students who are paying for learning such a thing. Probably, he would even enrol himself to study something he couldn’t even dream about. Art therapy as profession is proof that reality often surpasses the fiction.

Plumbing Therapy

If someone needs therapy, it is of utmost  importance to find a suitable way to assist persons in need. Art was always considered risky as profession, terrible as business and even worse as compensation. Whoever came in contact with art knows it requires commitment, devotion, even sacrifice. Who would ever offer a person in need to practice sacrifice and responsibility in return to splashing some paint on the canvas? In order to spare poor people from sinking deeper into misery, it is advisable to introduce Plumbing Therapy as the most reliable, safe, promising and satisfying cure. Plumbing has already helped Marcel in becoming one of the greatest artists of our times and it may help again those would-be artists in realizing their dreams.


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