Words are carriers of destiny and our destiny is reflected by the way we interpret meanings.

The concept of nature has been compromised over time, together with other meanings, words and terms. Term nature has changed its meaning from ancient creation to nowadays environment, describing our relationship with surrounding as distant and alienated. Since creation is vertical (associated with a higher power), environment is horizontal and grounded at the level of horizon. In ancient times, nature has been treated as another living creature. Creation was mythological and provided a direct connection to our own destiny. Whatever happened in myth, happened also in nature by involving and connecting past and future events.

Shift from vertical to horizontal resonates with countless consequences in our everyday life. Since we rejected mythological world as fantasy, we embraced rationalism which flattens all hierarchies, including time and space. Flattening of space compresses time into here and now, protecting us from chaotic nature. Liberated form unpredictable natural affairs, we convinced ourselves to be main actors on the stage, holding a power to control all events. However, mechanical thinking constructed a world made of binaries which polarized everything, form politics to knowledge. Our decisions are stretched in between opposites such as zero and one, red and blue, positive and negative. In searching for unifying theory, we even divided space into particles and time into moments. Preoccupied with contradictions, we forgot the space of encounters exits only in between things, serving as a connection, not a division.

Days of mechanics are gone, but new paradigm is still not evident. As in every shift, pendulum has a moment of reluctancy, when forces are at zero. Currently, we live at zero point which manifests itself into everything we think or do. Zero became our time and space, our knowledge, wisdom, vision and ultimate goal. Living at zero point makes us feel free form judgements, decisions and responsibilities. Nothing is important and nothing is happening, except silent, deaf and dumb existence that wraps the mind.

This paradigm is full of shift.

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